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Kasie  wrote on Aug 4, 2017: 

Maddy's doing great. She is SUPER mellow, and everyone she meets comments on her temperament (that's all her vet staff could talk about on her first check-up). She has even converted two die-hard " I don't like dachshund" folks in the span of a few minutes. She runs right up to meet everyone, has had lots of visitors, and she licks my tenant's big dog in the face and cuddles him. She's slept completely through the last 3 nights, in her bed in the open crate (as long as I'm right next  to it and she can see me). She absolutely does not like to wake up in the morning, so we get each other. I was surprised, I was waking up every couple hours to check is she needed to go outside she'd occasionally wake up and look at me like "What, Im sleeping, don't even think about it" and curl back up.

She LOVES to be on her back. It's hilarious. She loves belly rubs, but she'll also just sleep flat out on her back on the floor. She'll lay on her back on my arm like a baby if I'm carrying her around. (And she'll just sleep in the crook of my arm any which way if she's tired and I need to do things.) Otherwise, she just has to be at my feet, within sight of me, or at least be aware of what I'm doing.

She is seriously the sweetest, calmest thing. And very smart: she's picking up potty training well, and I can definitely watch her thinking and problem-solving while she's playing. Right now, she's sleeping on my foot as I type this, after a good tug-of-war.

Thanks again for everything, I've been telling everyone how professional and caring you are, and how much work and love have obviously gone into these pups.


Juliette wrote on: Aug 6, 2017

Toby is loving his new home! Esp falling asleep on me everywhere.
Thank you for such a wonderful pup!


Linda wrote Aug 8 ,2017

We can't thank Angie enough for our little Sloane. She is 6 months now; bright and curious, sassy and stubborn and very spoiled. Sloaney is healthy and beautiful; everyone stops to admire her, she is definitely unique. We love her so much we have reached out to Angie again for a sister-pup. Angie takes great pride in her fur babies. She has always been quick to respond to our questions before and after pick up date. Bringing a new puppy home is a life-long commitment, and we were fortunate to have discovered Amatskennel. I have every confidence in Angie and her pups, and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.